Randy Leibowitz  Dean, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1954.  Studied fine art at  the Community College in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia  College of Art in Philadelphia and Broward County Community College in  Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In addition, she gives credit to many  inspirational and talented teachers.

As  a teenager Randy excelled in figure drawing and drew portraits in malls  and festivals.  She sold her work in local shows in the Philadelphia  area.  In the 1970's Randy's work included original hand painted fabric  made into pillows and other decorative items.  After settling in South  Florida, Randy continued studying the figure and began developing her  oil painting techniques.  A one-woman show in Fort Lauderdale in 1993  began her Florida exposure.

Recruited  to help a house painter give depth to his basic wall design gave way to  years of perfecting finishing techniques, color mixing, mural and  trompe l'oeil work.  Randy worked through decorators and designers and  was commissioned to create art on the walls in a Nursing Home / Rehab  business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  At this time she established the  'Art on Walls Project' - Dedicated to involving people living in  institutions in the creative process, emphasizing art and communication  as a healing and nurturing endeavor.  In one section of the nursing home  a 100 foot detailed mural took almost one year to complete.  At the  same nursing home murals on the Alzheimer's floor were painted to give  the illusion of shelving with items familiar to the residents.

As  a board member of Broward Art Guild in Fort Lauderdale, Randy was able  to continue her fine art, compete in art competitions and learn from a  fine group of talented artists.  She met with a group once a week for  life drawing study.

In  2003 her figurative painting was juried into the Paradise City Arts  Festival.  Following that Randy traveled extensively in outdoor and  indoor art shows from her new home in North Carolina to Pennsylvania,  Georgia and Florida.

In  2012 while reworking a painting, Randy went a bit to far and dug deep  into the wood, her favorite substrate. It was a pivotal moment for her,  leading to classes in carving, purchasing power tools and learning from a  variety of fine woodworkers. Her carved wood art has been accepted  into juried shows and has won many awards. 

Since  2008 Randy has partnered with UMAR Arts Center in Charlotte, teaching  art techniques to adults with developmental disabilities.