Randy Leibowitz Dean

Fine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILE

Fine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILE

Fine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILEFine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILEFine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILE

artist statement


For me the art I create is an ever evolving, very physical, and a deeply meditative process.

I try to say in wood what I fall short of expressing in words. I use my tools in such a way as to let the dark glue between the layers stand out and flow. I layer the plywood and carve deeply going all the way through in places, adding color to enhance the natural flow.

I carve with power tools and carving knives to create free standing sculpture, carved wall hangings, paintings with carved texture and jewelry. Another facet of my process is adding cording; macramé, embroidery, crocheting and vintage objects. Each addition to my mixed media is a very thoughtful process. 

My background in painting on walls for murals and faux finishing, also the concentration of years of figurative work has given me the experience to use many disciplines for expression.

I see me in the wood. I feel the spirit of the wood and in a way I align myself with that spirit. I back up and look at my work as a whole and see myself as human and spirit. And isn't that what art does? Makes us look. 

It truly is a privilege for me to create in this way.



Randy's promo by Leo Field, age 12

My talented nephews decide to video a promo at my art show in Pennsylvania, USA