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Fine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILE

Fine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILE

Fine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILEFine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILEFine Art ~ carved Wood ~ tEXTILE

2019 ~ ArtPop Street Gallery Award


 Thanks to ArtPop Street Gallery,  

I have been rocketed into another dimension! 

This award includes over $150,000 

worth of advertising and other benefits for the year 2019.

A billboard, yes, a billboard high above the road. I have posted a copy of the billboard above in the banner photo. The artwork is my sculpture, 

"After the Plunge" with a mirror image.

See the original here:

"After the Plunge"


AND a digital billboard of this same image will be at 

every charging station in the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, 

Charlotte, NC for the month of April.

ALSO this image will appear on the 

Digital Media Billboard Advertising at 

Regal Cinemas in Ballantyne, North Carolina by Awedience.

AND there’s more…

A small version of my billboard will appear at the uptown 

newsstand on Tryon right in front of the Ivey Hotel, Charlotte, NC

It’s looking like a wonderful year!

Thanks to ArtPop Street Gallery



Now please take a look around at my site, one of a kind wood art and jewelry. 

Always something new!